This sweet couple met on Tinder. Yes you heard it right, TINDER, and I couldn't have been more happy to photograph their biggest day. The coolest thing about their wedding day wasn't that these two cuties were already married, but it was the celebration and everything beforehand that made it oh so magical. 

When Bayley reached out to me about pictures she mentioned taking pictures with her beautiful horses and of course I couldn't say no. After I arrived to the private location, we took some adorable detail shots. Her dress, from Wild Rose Bridal in Effingham IL, (visit the link below) was phenomenal and her RINGS...just go look at the pictures!!! I can't even describe how wonderful they are. After these shots we went straight to the horses for some bridal shots. Y'all, I am seriously so shocked at how amazing these turned out.

Initially I was nervous to be around the horses. I have heard so many horror stories about people approaching horses incorrectly and freaking out. I wanted to ensure that everyone was safe during this, so I approached them slowly. I was sure to get to know the horses a bit before we started shooting and let me tell ya, they were pros. Both of these babies were so beautiful, and you could tell they loved their humans and maybe even getting a few close ups.

Once we finished up with the horses, Bayley and Wade took me to a different location, close by, where we could get some more bridal shots of them. Imagine an open field, a LARGE tree, and beautiful sunlight coming through its leaves. Let me tell you, I was in photographers Heaven. My mind was racing through so different poses and about all the magic we would create in this spot. I got so many different pictures of these two and you could just sense the love they had for one another. Of course I did not keep these sweets much longer and I sent them back to their reception.

Their reception was decorated with horseshoes, beautiful flowers, and had a hometown country feel. The food was catered by Bayley's momma and step dad and the fun times were brought by their family and friends. They enjoyed a night of fun and probably some nice cold beers.

To Bayley & Wade!!