I saw so many ideas for Valentine Mini's and I just had to get on board with the balloon trend. I had some inspiration through Pinterest and knew this was what I wanted to do for February this year! After searching for inspiration, I immediately went to Amazon and ordered balloons and a cute fluffy rug to make it all come together. Leading up to these sessions were quite eventful and I thought that you guys would get a kick out of my misery.

The night prior I was a smidge crazy and thought I could do anything and everything. I went to Iowa to visit a friend. I was already so tired, but I am so thankful I went because the quality time spent was much needed. Then I blew up about 6 or 7 balloons with my own air before I threw in the towel and got a foot pump. Shout out to Anne (my friend's mom for getting the pump for me and thanks to Vanessa for holding the balloons while I pumped).

When I woke, I left early so that I could make it for my first session at 10. Of course I stopped for coffee and then I got on the road for the one hour and forty-five minute drive. Half way through the ride, I realized that I left my laptop all the way in Iowa...I would lose my head if it wasn't attached I swear. After a few phone calls, my pal so graciously volunteered to meet me halfway after my sessions were complete (thanks Sam).

Once I got to the Muse in Morton, where the studio is, I had about 20 minutes to put these balloons up. It was difficult, no lie. By the time I got everything put together I was exhausted. I actually was questioning my ability to do these sessions, but I powered through and was able to capture nothing but magic.

Despite all the difficulties blowing up the balloons, getting to where I needed to go, and having to drive halfway back to Iowa to get my laptop, these photos were so worth every obstacle I encountered. I am so grateful for my clients and these sweet pictures of them.